County Emergency Medical Services
County Emergency Medical Services
A brief history...

Thirty years ago, it all started. The initial group came together in the fall of 1976 when Steve Belau proposed to some of his good friends the idea of providing a rescue service during the fair the following summer. After considerable training, scrounging, some custom engineering, loans of equipment, and some wonderful donations of various resources, it all came together in July of 1977.

July 1977 - Pictured from left to right Dr. Paul Belau, Scott Schuster, Mark Mathison, Mike McPherson, Steve Belau, and Dr. Donald Gullickson.
After the success in1977, we expanded our capabilities. Each year we came with more equipment, more supplies, and spent more days in Fertile. In the early 1980's, we became what is now County Emergency Medical Services. Over the years, there have been some tremendously talented and compassionate people that have been part of County EMS. County EMS continues to thrive because of passion that each of us has for serving the community.

July 2007 - Celebrating 25 years of County Emergency Medical Services

Steve Belau and the rest of the senior staff again want to express our deepest appreciation to all of the staff, past and present, for what they have contributed to County EMS over the past 38 years. What has been accomplished since 1977 in the community of Fertile is truly something special.

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County Emergency Medical Services

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